Pantelleria the secret island of Sicily

pantelleria island

After 15 years of island life, we’ve realized that even today the island of Pantelleria is for many travelers a mysterious place.

Many do not know that:

– Pantelleria is not part of an archipelago, but it is all alone in the Strait of Sicily, closer to the African coast (40 miles) rather than to the Sicilian coast (80 miles).

– with its 84 square kilometers of surface is the fifth Italian island.

– in addition to the deep blue sea that surrounds it, Pantelleria has an amazing nature reserve: a botanical heaven with over 360 catalogued species.

– in 2014 the traditional agricultural practice of cultivating the ‘vite ad alberello’ (head-trained bush vines) of the community of Pantelleria was registered on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO

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